It’s Beyond Believing. A Reference Book for Manifesting your Reality in 2022

With the New Year upon us, many have intentions ranging from intentional self-care, a new home, stability, a car, journaling, growing knowledge, improving relationships, obtaining one’s license, peace, and overall happiness. While there are numerous means to attaining these objectives, they all share a common core. I hope I can introduce you to creating your reality.


You are always manifesting. The question is, are you manifesting the things you truly want. Manifestation does not just work when you think of all the great things in life you want. If you also imagine all the worst-case scenarios, it might become your reality. A lovely first step is to align oneself with the universe and everything positive that is achievable. Essentially meaning realizing and accepting that the things you hope for are already yours.

Do you have a vision of the future? Can you see yourself enjoying the life you desire right now? It is critical to envision yourself living as if you have already achieved your end objective as well as yourself being disciplined and working diligently to achieve it. If you can’t imagine yourself living the life you want, a mind-shift is needed. 

How so

Have you ever heard the phrase “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it “? Your mind is a powerful tool. If you are not using it to create your reality, how can your mind get you where you want to go if you don’t give it a plan? Knowing what actions you’ll take to get to your final objective is a critical stage that’s often forgotten. You can’t merely set a goal and expect it to come true. You must work to create a reality rather than just imagine it.

What steps must you take to obtain a vehicle? Do you have a valid driver’s license? What do you need to do in order to be happy? Do you need to let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore? It’s fine not to have a detailed strategy or even a plan at all, but the most essential takeaway is that action is required and that actions and goals must be developed.

Keeping track of your Manifestations 

Many people are unaware of how much they already have in their lives. Why? Because we tend to focus on the larger picture. Many people establish an overall goal they want to reach and are only satisfied when they achieve it. On the other hand, the path you take is an integral component of the goal. Progress goals and process goals are necessary. Essentially meaning, take a moment to reflect on all you have accomplished thus far. Pay closer attention to the small victories you make along the route to your main objective, as well as the tiny things you do in your daily life. 

Create a Victory Jar, noting all the large and small accomplishes made throughout the year. They can be read once at the end of the year or anytime you feel progress is not being made. It’s also critical to keep track of all of your objectives on a frequent basis. Putting your goals down on paper can assist the universe, and you feel they are feasible. It’s crucial to rewrite these goals on a regular basis to be sure they come to life. 

While I don’t expect this to be the most exceptional year you’ll ever have, I do hope it to be your most fabulous so far. Using these steps as a reference may help you achieve your goals. Recognize, everything you desire is already yours. All you have to do now is go get them.

D’Erika Cromartie✨

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