Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses one-on-one with the client, which will provide them with an open space to share their feelings with a licensed clinician. Treatment is individualized for each client depending on their mental health needs. Out licensed clinicians treat mental health conditions including ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues with children/adolescents, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, life stressors, and more.

Family Therapy  
ITS works with the family to help them cope with the challenges of maintaining a child or adolescent diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis by providing family therapy. Family therapy sessions consist of the clinician interacting with the parent and child to help them interact in a positive manner and gain insight. 

Group Therapy  
Clients who face similar situations are eligible to join ongoing groups our licensed clinicians create. Our groups traditionally run for 6-8 weeks depending on the topic and curriculum our licensed therapists have developed. Groups are facilitated by licensed clinicians. Children, adolescents, and adults are eligible to participate in any active group therapy sessions the clinic has.  

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

PRP is a program designed for children, adolescents, and adults that incorporates the collaboration between the therapist and rehabilitation coordinator to promote positive behaviors and interactions while decreasing negative behaviors. The PRP Coordinators provide service visits with clients working on goal-oriented behavior approximately once per week. Group sessions for PRP services are held regularly on site. The behaviors that the rehabilitation coordinator addresses consist of the following:  

Children and Adolescent Clients • Social Skills • Coping Skills • Independent Living Skills • Conflict Resolution • Anger Management • Group session activities to enhance social interaction skills with peers  

Adult Clients • Relapse Prevention • Money Management Skills • Obtaining and Maintaining Housing • Employment Assistance • Self-care and Social Skills • Assistance with Obtaining Entitlements and Other Resources • Self-management and Wellness  

PRP Eligibility:  
• Ages 6 and up  
• Medicaid Recipients  

Psychiatry/Medication Management

ITS’ psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner will carefully conduct a psychiatric evaluation to determine if mental health medication is needed. Our psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner will prescribe medication and monitor the client’s symptoms. Our prescribers will work closely with your therapists to ensure your overall mental health needs are addressed and tailored for each client.

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